Technique Workshop

Renowned Portland classical guitarist and pedagogue, Scott Kritzer will be conducting a special technique workshop at the 2017 festival.

Right Hand Mechanics Workshop

Right Hand Technique and Muscular Efficiency

Every classical guitarist should be focused on proper right hand technique. The lack of a clear understanding of how joints, ligaments, and muscles function in the right hand can limit your potential and lead to frustration, declining ability, or even career-ending injuries.

Contrary to popular belief, everyone’s hands are not substantially different. While there are differences found in hand width or finger length, certain fundamentals of leverage and movement can be applied to all right hands.

This lecture/demonstration covers right hand muscular efficiency as achieved through:

  • proper positioning of the finger’s joints and muscles for maximum leverage
  • proper range of motion leading to the most efficient and relaxed finger movement for the right hand

You’ll also be shown how the application of these principles to scales and arpeggios will provide you with a strong foundation for all movement forms found in the classical guitar repertoire.

Scott Kritzer


Mr. Kritzer’s consummate commitment to technical excellence as the solid structure beneath an unparalleled sense of musicality has since brought him over a decade of accolades from audiences and critics alike, in concert halls in San Francisco, Frankfurt, Vancouver, B.C., Los Angeles, Sapporo, Washington, D.C., Munich, including critically acclaimed performances in New York’s Carnegie Recital Hall and Wigmore Hall in London, England. He has been featured in Japan’s Guitar Magazine, London’s Classical Guitar and Guitar International as well as in America’s Soundboard and Guitar Player magazines.

In 1996 Mr. Kritzer was chosen by Oregon Senator Mark O. Hatfield to represent the entire state of Oregon in a special performance at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Kritzer released Romance for Guitar, dedicated to his teacher Michael Lorimer. Oregonian critic David Stabler said of his recording….”Kritzer blends virtuoso skill with an acutely musical ear.” The recording is available on Cavatina Records. His popular Classical Guitar Christmas is available on Miramont Records.

In addition to a busy concert schedule Mr. Kritzer is a highly sought after instructor of the classical guitar. His popular method is taught to both local students through private and informal workshops as well as to students from all parts of the United States, China, England, Norway, Dubai, and Ireland through an innovative internet format. His annual workshop, Classical Guitar Immersion, is in its fourth season and draws both local and international students.

Many of his past students have won regional, national and international guitar competitions and have gone on to attend such notable schools as The Julliard School, the Royal Conservatory of Music in London, the North Carolina School of the Arts and his alma mater, The San Francisco Conservatory of Music.